SDNTV Privacy Policy

SDNTV does not require much personal information from its members in order to function.  Whilst the absolute minimum of personal information required for membership purposes is a member’s name, email and postal address, we also ask members for consent to hold some additional information as explained in more detail below.

Information required for membership purposes

A member’s name and address will be:

  • Used to advise the member of upcoming work parties or other SDNTV events
  • Used to manage membership subscriptions
  • Shared with The National Volunteer Trust My Volunteering Team in order to set up a personal My Volunteering account to record the hours a member works as a volunteer 

We will delete your personal information if you cease to be a member of SDNTV.   Your membership ends in the event of any one of the following:

a)an email or written letter of resignation is received by the Membership Secretary;

b)failure to pay the annual membership fee within one month after it falls due;

c)your death.

Additional information

A member’s participation in workparties will be recorded as part of the historical record of the group. 

Subject to a member’s consent, we will also keep a record of a member’s preferred telephone number.  Such consent will last for the duration of membership of SDNTV or until formal withdrawal of consent, whichever is the sooner.


Subject to a member’s consent, photographs of members (without identification by name) attending work parties may be published in the group’s Newsletter and on the group’s website or social media accounts as part of the group’s historical record and to advertise the group to potential new recruits.  Such consent will last until a formal withdrawal request is received by the SDNTV Committee.  Images form part of the historical record of the group so we will only remove them on receipt of a request under the “right to be forgotten” provision of the GDPR.